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Field of Vision Expanded

by Sham

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on the first informal due drenched morning of Autumn, whispering cool breeze measuring the day, new season creeping in through tall grass swaying in a mountains meadow i awoke to a kiss from the sky and felt for the very first time everything I need is all around me and I opened my palms
I’m prone to talk to the sun just like a friend awake in high season there’s some weeds growing up from between the rocks to pick up on the same conversation and I begin to flourish orange sunburnt in the shape of perfection useless for any task created by a human I stare direct toward This Abundant Life it’s shining they say exposure to the sun prevents burning 
Field of vision expanded celebrate the beginning as eternity continues in waking life’s ending
In attempt to avoid dissonance let’s dissect a natural choice in an act that should be thoughtless the outline of your face looks beautiful in evening’s scarlet sky with the gaps of light I can choose how to paint the inside the universe manifested itself on beaches in Poland down her intoxicated eyes I found the answer to my yearning on foreign concrete baking in the sun I’m untying that knot in the rope until it’s totally undone I want to be golden just like the water and my ideals drain out the childhood shapings to keep up with what’s happening let’s find love with no attachment I let the insects bite me all night long all day long and pretend that I’m not itching covered in welts and blood and losing feeling in illusion that somehow this is helping
Big Ivy 01:30
as the expectation of coldness nudges in as the clock changes its digital shape to signify the death of a season Mad and I wait embraced orange dim light in the renovated kitchen insects songs pour in through the window anticipating the great change exaggerating the thing that’s never ending a kind of joke or memorial for time that’s passing or possibly in honor of what may be coming the clothing we could be wearing in the clock’s glow I step away from True Sensation to view from a removed position a tower or screen or just pure distance months pass as pebble fall from a platform tilting and momentarily I forget that this is ending
under naked golden branches and the psychedelic sky that our bodies wandered into to float around and lie the brain juice releasing naturally from the movement that she praises and special water that our roommates been drinking cows eat their sunset meal and we our sunset love that’ll last through the evening and hopefully keep going on bathed in unity, clarity, bliss and trust take the day slow like Europeans drinking coffee laid out on mountaintop meadows in a canopy of grass the wind creates a roar and showers us in dying plant matter which crunches as we walk singing songs of different temperatures and different forms of self dressed in singularity, and solitude, and flux I watched these leaves bloom that season and the puppets in our yard recite lines of fantasy and collective questioning on what it is that freedom truly means there’s one who thinks it’s eternal life and one that thinks it’s dying and one the wind in his hair and one a dating program freedom’s just a word a word is ‘just a finger pointing at the moon’ said that dude who’s words to me sound like the truth the painting hanging on the wall holds a mosaic sky and the wall a calendar representing a narrow idea of time the friend gets heated in the living room over words that point towards the arm that hold the finger pointing towards the moon but not the moon I only ever tasted truth in silence and in the car, in the fog, in the darkness of 3am I said freedom is joy though I temporarily lost that feeling til the sun came up again and began illuminating the living beauty obscured by the night though the obstruction led to something of dissonance maybe dissonance is needed I never found harmony without tasting the difference do you need the darkness to appreciate the sun rising? and my cold and separate body free and wrapped in tethered passing feelings from some late night happening at an hour meant for sleeping is freedom doubting the structure of a clock? or the power of simple choice? or remembering that all is fleeting? and freedom lies in shape that’s constantly changing freedom came in the shape of her body wrapped around mine and emerging sun’s rays grazed up against my face if it weren’t for the darkness this light couldn’t taste so sweet
Braided in Breath watching another sun’s descent Earth’s ceiling radiates, blushes and reddens. The Ink of My Pen fossilizes your presence out front the decorated stone building among an ocean of pages of moments and thought processes my hand an instrument of solidification to the fluidity I find myself swimming in. I remove the cloth from my hands and feet and rest them on The Dirt the body of The Mother pressed against my surfaces her pulse beyond description and the moon’s glow brightens its cyclical shape laughing at my humanness and singularity in definition and my lack of understanding the true impossibility of preserving anything
Hum of Car 01:38
Hum of car, hum of car hug me in reminder I’m not alone rattle cups, shake the floor interrupt that soft moment of theoretical silence idealistic thinking hum of car hum of car pull my brain from thoughts to the present moment or the sight of the distance snow cap mountains appearing cold air, cold air, and my breath condensing cold air, cold air pinch my flesh reminding of natural body functions and the tension that is living
A Sanctuary 03:38
half lit trees out the window tell the time without numbers i feel the stick of the evening persisting the sound of movement in the kitchen i feel the stick of that thought persisting followed by surprise of expected excavation the chain on my bike clicks every full rotation seemingly with no progression over and over and over again there is a sanctuary among autumn leaves cool air breeze and smell of possible snow in the morning i feel its warmth consistent wrapped in hair and skin and expressions i feel its warmth persistent enlightened and endarkened by sun's dependable movements oscillating in its own being the world in her eyes it drains out that thought persisting its human form engulfs me and consumes the surroundings its body changes shape and soon it is everything
Black Balsam 01:36
the hardened fruit, dried on the dashboard at each turn moves back and forth I eat some more and toss the skins up there so I always remember their sweet flavor the heat of sun magnified the open flesh is fossilized and its juice melts in my mouth humming tunes of Earth’s Sugar it body dissolves into mine with only the peel left behind its nectar inherently temporary but isn’t that the definition of beauty?
I’m watching each petal pasted ruby, endless aquatic expanse ripples on the salt water blue reflects February’s sun it’s presence stains our skin smell of marsh thick Floridian forest and the mountains will pale us but soon I forget as the salt dries on us its water blue and sky blue and eyes blue it feels good to be here with you
untitled 02:53


songs on impermanence written 2020/2021, recorded winter into spring 2021 at home in Asheville onto a Tascam 16 track reel to reel tape machine. an expansion! nylon string, voice, piano, strings, many friends involved, songs decorated and built up.

creating this was a huge event, that lasted several months, and different seasons. Mikey and I first met up in September 2020 to work out arrangements together for some songs I had written over the last few months, camping in Virginia near some natural hot springs in which we soaked throughout the days together. making music with Mikey has become second nature, creating with him in every format we have is such a blessing, I hope to do it for the rest of our lives. these songs are expanded so much when working on them together. time passed and songs slowly trickled in throughout the fall, the process is more being available for them to emerge rather than trying to force anything out. Mikey and I got together again in February 2021, where he wrote parts over like 10 more songs, and we tried to record them all that same week. He moved down to Asheville in March and we were able to record more often, re-recording most of what we had done the week in February. in between sessions together (Mikey worked full time and I only once a week), I was able to work on the songs, layering them with pianos, organ, bass, percussion and vocals. Mikey would come and record string arrangements and vocals after crazy long days of landscaping once all our guitar layers were complete. one week in early April our friend and Sham bandmate J Brown came down and the three of us recorded percussion to all the songs. we had everything in our house that could make sound laid out on the turquoise carpet, some songs all three of us playing shakers and wood blocks at the same time. Agya Koo Nimo was a huge inspiration at the time, and while the percussion turned out pretty different, the hope was to create something in a similar vein to those lush percussive recordings.

layering continued, now with Zoie Reamer singing harmonies on all the songs, we would meet up and drink warm drinks and record a song or two a day, this went on a few weeks. it was lovely to have a form of ritual with Zoie and to be blessed with her beautiful voice on these songs. Jarrett Gilgore contributed saxophone to a few songs, which was such a treat to collaborate in this new way, and for the first time since summer 2017 in Baltimore where Jarrett was my saxophone teacher and we would get lost in sax drones in his A-framed attic. Nina Ryser also contributed vocals on This Abundant Life. I’ve admired Nina’s voice since we played together in Baltimore in 2017, and have been a big fan of all Nina’s solo music since, I’m excited about finally getting to collaborate.

while mixing this album I set up a small studio in my friend Spaghetti Rick’s bedroom. I reached out to a bunch of friends for field recordings of their everyday lives. most of them live abroad and part of me reaching out was to visit them virtually while the borders to most countries were still closed and my plans to live in Berlin for the summer were once again postponed, I missed them all so much! thanks to all who sent some back. there’s sounds from Mexico, Germany, New Zealand on the album, along with rainstorms and insects of the USA. and a small bit of tape manipulation samples Nicky Smith is a master at.

Steve Wright of Baltimore mastered this album, an expert and inspiration of sound, who Mikey and I have known and worked with for over a decade now. everything he touches come alive to a new level.

the cover art was painted by a dear friend of mine, Calypso Keane, the magician of painting!

this was a such a fulfilling album to make, a way to cope with the ongoing state of the world and pandemic restrictions, and a way to hang out and collaborate with a bunch of friends even if we weren’t able to physically be together. i’m so grateful to be surrounded physically and metaphysically with such amazing and inspiring people and to have been able to make an album including so many. after finishing I felt like a new born baby with a blank slate, completely empty in all ways.

Thank you Madeleine for letting this happen in a tiny house that you also lived in and being an endless inspiration

Thank you Calypso, Nina, Jarrett, Zoie, Eli, J, Theo, Nicky, Steve, Dylan, Devin, Anna, my parents, Erin, Scott, Jenna, Rick, David Van and 2020 Steve for bringing this into the physical world!


released March 4, 2022

Shane Justice McCord - guitar, voice, piano, pump organ, percussion, bass guitar, saxophone, lyrics, production

Michael Powers - guitar, voice, cello, viola, violin, percussion

Zoie Reamer - voice

J Brown - percussion

Nina Ryser - voice on This Abundant Life

Jarrett Gilgore - saxophone on This Abundant Life and Braided in Breath

Steve Wright - mastering

some samples of sounds used from Nicky Smith, Eli Stevick, Theo Taylor

Amazing cover is a portion of a painting by my dear friend Calypso Keane, to see the painting in full and other paintings here's their website


all rights reserved



Sham Asheville, North Carolina

songs of Shane Justice McCord expanded in collaboration with Mikey Powers, other friends & magnetic tape

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